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Boat anti-fouling and boat detailing products we use and recommend include Jotun Protective Coatings,  Propspeed Running Gear Coating, Teak Wonder, 3M Marine Products, Chemtech, Farecla and Plexus for clears

Antifouling - Gold Coast

Runaway Bay & Southport

A completed antifouling procedure
with Propspeed upgrade by Pro-Care.
Quality Work - Great Rates.

Pro-Care provide a thorough and professional, yet cost effective boat antifouling service to ensure your vessel performs to its maximum capacity.

We apply 2 coats of 'Jotun's SeaVictor 40' or International's Micron One', and on aluminium substrates 'Hempel's Aluxtra'.
They are high performance self-polishing antifouling coatings with powerful biocide mixtures. Thier self-polishing characterists ensure continuous exposure of fresh antifouling, providing sustained fouling protection reducing hull deterioration, friction and speed loss.

Our antifoul quotes are "all inclusive" of haul out / return, hardstand days (size dependent, no. of days confirmed with quote), water blast, environmental levy, hull waterline staining acid wash, hull, skin fittings/strainers & running gear preparation (further water blasting, scraping, wet sanding, spot priming any bare patches, stern drive legs we raise, lower and turn side to side multiple times during the cleaning, preparation and antifouling process), application 2 coats of antifouling coatings, materials, labour and GST.

Anodes as reqired are additional and we will price seperatly.

Our general recommendation for re-antifouling, anodes checked/replaced and a general check of eveything below waterline is every 12-18 months, and aluminium hull vessels every 12 months.


Propspeed is a catalyzed etch primer + silicone based top coat antifouling system designed for use on metal underwater running gear.

Propspeed has very low friction with water; its finish is similar to that of glass.
Benefits of having Propspeed applied are:

  • Increased engine revs (across all ranges)
  • increased fuel economy
  • increased boat speed
  • Superior adhesion to metal

    Making Prospeep a viable upgrade for your boat's performance.

    Our process - strip old propspeed or antifoul back to bare metal, clean with Propclean, condition metal with Propprep, apply 2 coats of Propspeed 2 pack gold coloured yellow/gold etching primer followed by Propspeed clear coat in the manufactures specified time frame to achieve a strong chemical bond.

    Pro-Care Marine first time antifoul process

    For boats which have never been antifouled before - a special treatment is required.

    Our process - cleaning of any fouling, setting antifoul line, orbital sanding, alkaline detergent wash, application of 2 coats of 2 pack epoxy primer (Jotun's Jotamastic 90), application of 2 coats of antifoul (Jotun's Seavictor 40 and Hempel's Aluxtra), performed in the manufactures specified time frame of each other ensuring a strong chemical bond.

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